Plastic Cookies Box -Pack Of 6

We provide clear plastic candy boxes. The box is made of high-quality PP materials, maintains the original shape and color of the candy, safe to use in all kinds of settings.

This clear candy box is a fantastic pairing for any party or event. With an easy-to-use design, you can easily place your treats into this box and present them as a gift. This durable plastic box is perfect for small decorative cakes or cupcakes. The clear plastic makes certain food items easy to see and appreciate while preventing the cake from deforming and breaking during transport.




PP materials

Mounting type


Package type

Standard packaging

Special features

Made of high-quality food-grade PP materials Environmentally friendly and safe to use Beautiful, waterproof, prevent cake deformation

Specific uses

Clear Coockies box, pack of 6Pcs Beautiful appearance, waterproof, to prevent the cake deformation, easy to carry or send. Small cake container uses simply clear design, with great transparency and strong light transmittance, the delicious cake inside is clearly visible, great for gift. Made of good food grade pp, eco-Friendly and safe to use. A beautiful cake box can make your handmade cake look more decent and attractive. Great for decorating birthday, Shower party, Wedding favors and christmas decoration.

Finish type