Polypropylene File Box Standard With Handle,

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Product Dimensions

10 x 32 x 28.5 cm

Item Weight

0.71 g





Included components

comes with a handle

Mounting type


Package type

Standard packaging

Special features

It comes with a handle to the file box so that it is easy to carry.

Specific uses

to hold letter-sized hanging file folders with ease

Finish type




Specific uses for product

Spec: Country / region of origin: Japan Specifications / mixing ratio: polypropylene External dimensions: External dimensions Width 100 x Depth 320 x Height 285 mm Inside dimension: Inner dimensions Width 90 x Depth 310 x Height 235 mm (including the thickness of the partition) Material for each member: Polypropylene Fit size: A4 Withstand load: About 5 kg Weight: 0.71