Single Cupcake Pink Display Box, Pack Of 12

Make your presentation stand out with this professional-looking cupcake box. These transparent windows on top and front allow you to showcase the contents of your boxes without exposing them to air.

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This item is a single cupcake box with a window display, made of food-grade sturdy cardboard paper. You can use these boxes for any special occasion like Ramadan, Eid, Christmas, or a party.

Product Dimensions

12x9x9 cm

Item Weight

350 gram


White and pink

Package type

Standard packaging

Special features

Transparent windows on the top and front helps display easily what's inside. Cupcake box is made of 350 gsm food-grade cardboard, eco-friendly and odorless, wrinkle-resistant and sturdy, durable and reusable. Cupcake containers comes flat for space saving. However, you just need to assemble the box by following the crease lines, no need tape or glue.

Specific uses

Single Cupcake Carrier with Window Display, Pink, Pack of 12 Presenting the fancy cupcakes and goodies inside without exposure to the air. Decorative cupcake boxes made of food-grade sturdy cardboard paper. The perfect way to seal up a sweet treat for a wedding reception, birthday party, baby shower party, cupcake party, or teacher gift. They work for any special occasion.

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