Ramadan Cupcake Box With 6 Cavities

The Ramadan Cupcake Box with 6 Cavities is a practical and convenient way to store your baked items. The clear window makes it easy to show off your macarons and their deliciousness!

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The Ramadan Cupcake Box with 6 Cavities is the perfect container for your next special occasion. The clear window allows you to see the delicious treats, while the paper insert helps keep them fresh and secure to prevent them from rolling around in the box.





Mounting type


Package type

Standard packaging – Pack of 20Pcs

Special features

Each box has clear window & can put 6 muffin in Ideal for storing baked item & harmless transport Practical design & easy to use and carry

Specific uses

Clear Window Cupcake Box with 6 Cavities Suitable for various occasions such as baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, birthday party, anniversary and Christmas. Decorative macaron boxes are made of eco-friendly food grade paper, which is very thick and safe to use. Great for containing cupcakes, and breads, dessert and so on. Window design can show off your macarons inside without exposing to the air, and the paper insert is great in keeping them secure from moving around.

Finish type

Paper matt