Decoration Box For Ramadan

Decoration Box for Ramadan is a great way to keep your Christmas, Ramadan. Birthday gifts, and decorations organized.

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Cool Blue Colored organizers box that you can keep things without damaging the products, It has lots of space so you can keep lots of products. This decoration box is the perfect way to organize your Ramadan gifts, Christmas tree balls, and other decorations. This box is made of sturdy cardboard, with carrying handles that make it easy to carry around the house from room to room. The compartments have space for 32 balls up to approx. 8 cm in diameter, or 20 compartments for balls up to 7 cm in diameter.




Paper cardboard

Package type

Standard packaging

Special features

certified cardboard, with carrying handles.Compact design: space-saving when stored

Specific uses

Removable inserts: can also be used without dividers

Shelf type

32 compartments of 2 sizes

Finish type

Paper print



Specific uses for product

Additional compartment for storing fairy lights and cables Orderly and protected storage of Christmas tree balls and other Christmas decorations 32 compartments of 2 sizes: 12 compartments for balls up to approx. 8 cm in diameter, 20 compartments for balls up to 7 cm in diameter