Cavities Cupcake Boxes With Window, Pack Of 10

A delicious and engaging way to present your sweet treats, the Cupcake Boxes with Window is a fun, stylish design that’s sure to draw attention. Made from rich white card paper and available in packs of four or eight boxes, these boxes are lightweight and easy to store.

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You can safely put 12 cupcakes in each box with this useful, decorative box. We use food grade white card to protect your beautiful creations from getting damaged and also ensuring that they stay fresh longer. This unique product can be used at any occasion such as party, wedding or bridal shower day to give them a special touch.

Product Dimensions

32.5x25x9 cm




White Card paper

Mounting type


Package type

Standard packaging

Special features

Made of food grade white card, clean and safe Each box can put 12 cupcakes in. Practical design & easy to use and carry.

Specific uses

FUFU Hemoton cupcake boxes for 12 with clear display window- 10Pcs Suitable for various occasions such as baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, birthday party, anniversary and christmas. Decorative cupcake boxes are made of eco-Friendly food grade paper, which is very thick and safe to use. Window design can show off your cupcakes inside without exposing to the air, and the paper insert is great in keeping them secure from moving around.

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Warranty Period: Not Applicable Item Condition: New Model: WQ-0GNM-YPW9 Country of Origin: China Package Quantity: 1