Plastic Acrylic Fillable Decorative Balls – 8 Cm, Pack Of 5

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Product Dimensions

8 Dia




Acrylic plastic

Mounting type


Package type

Standard packaging

Special features

The ornaments are made of strong and durable plastic Decorative ball ornaments are extremely easy to use Each sphere can be separated into two parts

Specific uses

FUFU Joyfull DIY Plastic Acrylic Fillable Decorative Balls Unique Design 5 semicircles of the same size are packed in a bag, of which 5 are concave and the other 5 are convex Both of the two shapes of semicircles are necessary for making a ball You can fill in some ornaments for outdoor Christmas tree decorations, party and wedding decorations It is made of strong and durable plastic material which can prevent shattering You can fill the clear balls with something you like which is suitable for outdoor Christmas tree decoration, shopping malls, hotels, homes, clothes counter, window displays, festive indoor and outdoor decoration, gift packaging, candy packaging Thread string or ribbon through the top and hanging them up in the window or on the wall. That would look perfectly at home on any Christmas tree this year. They are also ideal for event decorations, such as wedding, Christmas, celebrations, party etc

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Item Condition: New Model: RS-89JH-IGND Country of Origin: China Package Quantity: 1