Duma Safe Corner Protector Glass Edge Guard

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It will protect your child from sharp edges. It is dust-free, non-toxic, odourless, safe & eco-friendly. Best protective for your baby.

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Duma Safe Corner Protector Glass Edge Guard Baby safety from sharp edges and corners make your home safe and accident-free by covering the sharp furniture corners with edge and corner protector for kids. Kids take a couple of years to control their walk and direction, during this period they are exposed to dangerous sharp corners of table, bed, chair. This combo product will let your child explore the world around them safely and freely. Designed and certified by professionals unlike any other edge and corner protector, products are designed and approved by iitians and paediatricians together. Thick and soft foamy cushion-like material – the material easily absorbs high impacts and back to its shape. Your child's safety is our motto our team is a group of parents who understand child safety and we guaranty we have complete trust in our product.

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Warranty Period: Not Applicable Item Condition: New Model: kafei-2500 Country of Origin: China Package Quantity: 1