Dates Box

This box comes with 24 arrays and top clear window. It can be used for sweets, dates and cupcakes etc. It is printed matt gold on silver paper box to give a nice look and feel of luxury

This product is an excellent way to present your gifts. The packages are made of paper and printed on demand, so we can print any design you want. It is also suitable for occasions like Ramadan gifts box, Christmas gift boxes, birthday gift boxes, and wedding gift boxes. The boxes come in different shapes and sizes, including squares and circles. They’re easy to use, too! Just select the size that best fits your gift and inquiry now to know more.

Product Dimensions

48×32.5×7 mm





Package type

Standard packaging

Special features

24 arrays and top clear window and presentable

Specific uses

Can be used for sweets, dates, cupcakes etc can be used for occasions like Ramadan gifts box , Christmas gifts box , birthday gift box, wedding gift box

Finish type

Print matt